Egypt Investor Testimonials

Vodafone Egypt

“Vodafone Egypt has been successfully operating and leading Egypt’s telecom market for 20 years, with investments exceeding EGP 40 billion. Proudly serving more than 40 million customers, the telecom launched 4G services in 2017 with an investment of EGP 3.5 billion. The company employs 13,000 employees and has been named best employer in Egypt for six years in a row. Through its Vodafone Egypt foundation, the telecom has invested more than EGP 500,000 in community development projects that have benefited the lives of 5 million Egyptians.”

Alexandre Froment Curtil, CEO

Visa International Association

“Visa, a world leader in digital payments, is proud to be working with all stakeholders in Egypt to help the market realize the full benefits of digital economy and promote the digital payments culture. Visa understands the complexity of the digital future and is ready to help communities embrace it through sharing knowledge and best practices. We are working closely with our clients, the government, and our partners to drive financial inclusion efforts and empower various segments of the society with convenient, safe and innovative payment options. Egypt is a priority market for Visa and we are committed to helping the market increase the adoption of digital payments, foster creative Fintechs, and avail a plethora of innovative products and solutions to our clients.”

Ahmed Gaber, General Manager in North Africa

TAQA Arabia

“For 25 years and with its 3400 employees, TAQA daily supplied reliable energy to its 1 million customers. By delivering annually 5 BCM gas, 1000 MW electricity, gasoline and lubes, TAQA touched and improved the daily lives of its customers.
The recent government's energy and fiscal reforms and policies have opened the door for ocean of opportunities. As a result we are expanding our investment in all our platforms, and we are very proud that in January, with IFC finance, we have commissioned our first 50MW solar plant in Benban, an area   developed by the government and became the world largest solar park.”

Khaled AbuBakr, Chairman

Soyven Cargil

"SoyVen is a 50/50 joint venture between ADM and Cargill, specializes in locally producing and supplying high quality soybean meal and soybean oil for the Egyptian market. It owns and operates a soybean crushing facility in Borg Al-Arab - which supplies products to customers in Egypt's animal feed and food manufacturing industries. With the recent significant investment that doubled our oilseeds crushing capacity at Borg Al-Arab, SoyVen is committed to grow business further in Egypt."

Ahmet Ertürk, CEO

Noble Energy Egypt

“Noble Energy is an American E&P company founded in 1932. We have been active in the Eastern Mediterranean since 1998 and have discovered more than 40 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. We are a leader in connecting the regional markets between Israel, Jordan and Egypt as well as in Global LNG. Given Egypt’s growing economy and revitalized energy industry as well as its unique position to serve as the Eastern Mediterranean’s energy hub, we are increasing our investment in the country including marketing regional gas into Egypt and investing in cross-border pipelines. We also plan to build an upstream exploration program.”

Brian Essner, Vice President, International Marketing and Egypt Country Manager

Microsoft Egypt

“Egypt remains a strategic market for us, and Microsoft is aligned perfectly to support the country’s Vision 2030, which sets a roadmap to shape the future and incorporate the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. Our mission is to empower every organization and individual to achieve more, and that involves accelerating digital transformation; developing a modern, digital, local software economy; creating jobs; empowering youth and impacting society through philanthropic initiatives. We remain committed to the social and economic development of Egypt and look forward to the fruitful outcome of our strategic partnership with the Egyptian government.”

Khaled Abdel Kader, General Manager

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank

“JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a leading global financial services firm with assets of USD 2.6 trillion and operations worldwide. The firm has been present in Egypt for over 40 years and is proud to have played a positive role in the financial development of Egypt through the participation in several strategic transactions across investment banking, markets, correspondent banking, financing and refinancing of trade transactions.”

Soha Ali, Executive Director and Senior Country Officer, Treasury Services, Egypt & North Africa


“IBM is proud of being an active player in the Egyptian market and of its contribution to the IT sector since its establishment in 1954. IBM is serving its customers across the globe through six centers of excellence that employ a sustainable pool of talented, technologically skilled and multilingual graduates. Lately IBM has chosen Egypt to be part of the ‘Digital Nation Africa,’ a new initiative where IBM has committed USD 70 million toward building much-needed digital, cloud and cognitive IT skills to help support a century workforce in Africa.”

Wael Abdoush, General Manager

Honeywell Egypt

“Honeywell has been present in Egypt for more than 50 years and specializes in technologies designed to drive digital transformation across major industries. Operating from Cairo, Honeywell works with some of Egypt’s key government and private sector entities in the fields of smart cities, building automation, oil and gas, refining and petrochemical, defense, aviation, infrastructure development, logistics, security and fire safety. We are committed to providing the best talent and technologies to support development in line with Vision 2030, which will ultimately lead to a smarter, more efficient and more prosperous Egypt.”

Khaled Hashem, President


"Globaltronics launched its manufacturing operations in Egypt in 1998. Globaltronics is currently the main supplier of electricity smart grid solutions to the Egyptian market. Our local footprint expands over two manufacturing facilities, employing hundreds of local talent. For Globaltronics, Egypt is a perfect fit for manufacturing activity given the large local market, the government's commitment to support manufacturing localization, and the preferential trade treaties with neighboring markets. We are committed to invest and grow our business in Egypt and to continue expanding and exporting to markets in the Middle East and Africa."

Abdullah Assal, Deputy CEO, Globaltronics

General Electric International Operation

“For over 40 years, GE has been partnering with the Egyptian public and private sectors to implement tangible and effective change across a variety of industries. From providing power to more than 20 million homes to offering more than 14,000 critical healthcare technologies in hospitals and clinics throughout the country to moving people and goods with more than 100 engines keeping aircrafts flying, we are incredibly proud to be such an integral part of the local industrial ecosystem. We remain fully optimistic about the future of Egypt, with the country continuing to offer exceptional talent across all sectors, growth opportunities and expanded avenues for partnership.”

Ahmed Ramadan, CEO NEA


“BP is proud of its long and successful track record and partnership in Egypt stretching back over 55 years with investments of more than $35 billion, making BP one of the largest foreign investors in the country. Egypt remains one the highest countries receiving investments across the BP portfolio, and we are proud to be one of the biggest net gas producers today. We are also very pleased to be expanding our business in Egypt into Downstream and Renewables.”

Hesham Mekawi, Regional President, BP North Africa

Bechtel Overseas Corporation

“For over 46 years in Egypt, Bechtel has developed megaprojects in the petroleum, power, industrial, defense, civil infrastructure and energy sectors, safely providing the highest quality services using the best technical resources and talented Egyptian nationals. We proudly work with local companies to enhance local skills, construction knowledge and long-term economic development. We recently procured USD 1.6 billion of Egyptian goods and services, upskilling 6,000 construction workers and 300 professionals in the field.”

Zaidun Jawdat, VP & Country Manager

Procter & Gamble Egypt, Ltd.

“P&G Egypt is committed to continuing its multi-dimensional success story for years to come. Our business crossed USD 300 million in 2018. Exports to Africa and Middle East exceeded USD 250 million via two global, best-in-class manufacturing sites and one regional planning service center. The organization is 100% home-grown and exports talents to P&G businesses across the globe. The impact and three decades of strong relationships within Egypt’s community is testimony to a lasting success.”

Tamer Hamed, Vice President

Coca-Cola Egypt – Atlantic Industries

“We as a company have been in Egypt since 1942. We as a system together with our bottling partner proudly employ 9,000 Egyptians directly in Egypt and have eight plants across the nation. Our Cairo Concentrate Plant manufactures beverage base for 140 Coca-Cola products and exports them to 46 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Asia with the value of USD 443 million annually.”

Karim Salah Eldin, General Manager

Unilever Mashreq

“For the last few years Unilever has been clearly signaling its positive outlook on the Egyptian economy. Now it is clear that the reform program is moving in the right direction by fixing the economy’s fundamentals which implies the improvement is sustainable for years to come.

Unilever in Egypt has been performing well for the last few years but has witnessed a significant improvement, especially when it comes to export, since the floatation took place. It is obvious that Egypt has become an extremely attractive manufacturing base. And those who can’t see it are probably going to miss a huge opportunity either on the local market of 100 m consumer-base or on the export front with a country that has access to 2b people duty-free due to trade agreements.”

Ashraf Bakry, Managing Director

Uber Egypt LLC

“Egypt represents one of the most crucial markets for Uber globally. We have created flexible economic opportunities for more than 200,000 Egyptians, 40% of whom were previously unemployed. Going forward, we are expanding access to our platform by availing more economic options like Uber Bus and Scooter to enable more Egyptians to use our technology to move around their cities. We are committed to deepening our investment in the country to further be a part of the existing transportation network in Egypt to facilitate convenient, safe and affordable transport.”

Ahmad Hammouda, General Manager


“PepsiCo has been successfully operating in the Egyptian market for 70 years. With the help and support of our workforce consisting of 15,000 people, we have been operating through nine plants and 75 warehouses to sell a diverse mix of brands under two main categories: beverages and snacks. We are proud to have our Chipsy snacks produced from 100% Egyptian potatoes cultivated from PepsiCo’s farmland of 40,000 acres. At the heart of PepsiCo is our ‘Winning With Purpose’ global strategy that focuses on improving the Product, empowering the People and operating in a responsible way to protect the Planet. Our vision is in direct correlation with Egypt’s 2030 strategy to further empower the youth through numerous effective initiatives encouraging the rise of SMEs, which are the core of the economy. PepsiCo is keen to operate in Egypt in a way that benefits Egypt and its people.”

Mohamed Samy Shelbaya, CEO & Chairman of PepsiCo Egypt Commercial Unit

Oracle Egypt, Ltd.

“Oracle started operating in Egypt in 1996 and has now become one of our largest operations in the Middle East and North Africa region with over 500 employees in the country office. Oracle established the Global Support Center in Cairo, which became one of the fastest growing centers for the company around the world. Oracle is committed to investing in the Egyptian market.”

Bassel Mubarak, Country Manager

Mastercard Middle East Africa Inc.

“Egypt remains a key market for Mastercard with an enormous appetite for technological advancements. Working with the Egyptian government has provided us with great opportunities to build strategic partnerships to deploy secure payment solutions. Our combined efforts have yielded successful accomplishments, including the establishment of the first mobile ecosystem, the electronic payroll program for the Egyptian Government and electronic payment of taxes and customs. We look forward to achieving our shared vision of financial inclusion to benefit the Egyptian economy.”

Mohammed Assem, Country Manager

MARS North Africa and Levant

“Mars has been in Egypt since 1995 and established our local operations to serve the growing market. The Mars Factory in Egypt became recently one of the fastest-growing hubs for the company, and our growth has been firm by turning our state-of-the-art factory into a leading manufacturing and export hub for the entire Middle East and Africa region, and beyond to serve Europe and Australia. Investing in Egypt is considered an opportunity for Mars in the Middle East and African region thanks to Egypt’s special location, favorable political and economic atmosphere and ease of doing business in the country. We are looking for further Mars investments in Egypt with tremendous hope and confidence.”

Fadi Abinader, Market Director - Egypt, Libya and Sudan

Heinz Egypt

“Heinz has a long and successful history in Egypt where we have been operating since 1991. Our production lines are constantly expanding, producing 65 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)—all manufactured in Egypt. We proudly export 25% of our factory output to the Middle East, North Africa, East and West Africa, Turkey and Russia.”

Hanny Elmessiry, Managing Director

General Motors Egypt, SAE

“Since General Motors Egypt was established in 1983, we have produced more than 825,000 units of commercial and passenger vehicles and maintained our automotive market leadership since 2008. We strongly believe in Egypt’s growth potential, thus General Motors Egypt has invested over USD 120 million in the last six years and our shareholders injected USD 90 million additional capital increase during 2018.”

Tarek Atta, Managing Director, General Motors Egypt & North Africa

ExxonMobil Egypt, SAE

“ExxonMobil has been operating in Egypt since 1902, which is more than 115 years of successful partnership in Egypt’s growth. We are proud of our history and look forward to further growing our business and maintaining our leadership position in Egypt. In fact, the progressive business environment, demonstrated by bold socioeconomic reform measures, presents numerous opportunities for investment. ExxonMobil is encouraged by the effective implementation of the oil & gas sector modernization strategy and is seeking to actively participate—for the first time—in the exploration and production activities in Egypt. We are pleased that we have recently won the exploration rights for Nile Delta Block 3 in the Mediterranean, which ExxonMobil will operate on 100% interest.”

Hesham ElAmroussy, Chairman and Managing Director

Dow Chemical IMEA, GmbH

"Dow Chemical has been present in Egypt for over 4 decades, with a manufacturing facility that was later inaugurated in 1997. Through local customization capability and global expertise, we empower local manufacturers' outreach to global markets and enable solutions across industries which include construction, consumer solutions, coatings, oil & gas and much more. We remain committed to the Egyptian market and maintain a very positive outlook on the future potential it offers. Dow's innovative solutions, market expertise and value-driven approach will continue to contribute to the advancement of the economy and the success of all our stakeholders."

Momen Adel Hafed, Country General Manager

Commercial International Bank (CIB)

“Sustainability is integral to CIB’s business practices, operations, culture, and ultimately, future growth and consistent financial performance. CIB continues to outperform in Egypt, the Middle East and across all emerging markets, as evidenced by two global media awards in the past year and a half. Most recently, CIB was the first Arab and African company to be named to the 2019 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, the world’s only comprehensive investment-quality data source on gender equality. We remain at the forefront of the banking sector in terms of leveraging technology to build diverse and secure digital platforms and to harness the power of data analytics as we strive to provide our customers with state-of-the-art services and solutions that meet their specific needs.”

Hisham Ezz Al-Arab, Chairman and Managing Director

Citibank, NA Egypt

“Citi has operated in Egypt since 1975. We serve our corporate and institutional clients with 125 employees, being a fully licensed operating bank in Egypt. We have an active participation in foreign exchange, the fixed income market, and Treasury and trade solutions. Citi is proud of its robust relationship with the Egyptian government and our participation in arranging USD 17.5 billion in eurobonds since 2017. We are also one of two commodity hedging banks for the government plus a major contributor to the foreign capital flows to Egypt.”

Mohamed Abdel Kader, Citi Country Officer

Cisco Systems International

“Cisco was founded in 1984 and established its office in Egypt in 1999, having now more than 250 business partners serving all customers. Cisco believes in developing markets where it operates, hence the support to CSR programs, which have helped educate more than 100,000 young Egyptians in the last 20 years. In December 2016, Cisco invested USD 10 million with Algebra Ventures aimed at technology startups, and in December 2018, Cisco announced the start of the Country Digital Acceleration program in Egypt, helping the Egyptian Government in their digital transformation journey.”

Ayman Elgohary, President and General Manager, Egypt, North West & Central Africa

Chevron Egypt Lubricants

“Chevron has had a distinguished history in Egypt since 1937. Chevron Egypt Lubricants is a market leader and has enjoyed tremendous success in establishing the strong brand equity of Havoline and Delo in Egypt. We manufacture lubricants for our domestic and export markets in our blending facility using the most advanced technologies in production and quality control. We built a strong distribution network covering Egypt, North/East Africa and the Levant. We believe that the best is yet to come.”

Gehad Nasr, Director, Country Chairman Egypt & Manager Special Projects

Apex International Energy

“Apex International Energy is an exploration and production company that is actively pursuing acquisitions and drilling opportunities in MENA in general and Egypt in particular. Apex holds two Production Sharing Contracts in Egypt’s Western Desert with the government. The work program includes reprocessing existing 3D seismic data, acquiring new 3D seismic data and conducting drilling operations on a multi-well exploration program. Apex is supported by equity commitments from Blue Water Energy, the International Finance Corporation, the IFC Middle East and North Africa Fund, LP, Warburg Pincus and the management team.”

Thomas M. Maher, President & Chief Operating Officer

Apache Egypt

“Apache Corporation is the largest U.S.-based investor in Egypt, with a cumulative investment of more than USD 20 billion to date. Apache is currently the number one oil and condensate producer as well as the most active driller in country. We continue to invest in Egypt, because we can create value for all stakeholders and we believe in the potential of the country.”

David Chi, Region Vice President and General Manager