Oct 2018

U.S. Business Mission to Egypt

Egypt and the United States have long enjoyed a mutually advantageous economic relationship that is valued by businesses, governments and the people of both nations. At the core of this vital relationship are American companies, which have for decades appreciated the opportunities provided by the Egyptian marketplace. Many prominent American businesses have significant and longstanding investments in Egypt, and have collaborated with their Egyptian partners to foster a more vibrant business environment. As we mark the 40th anniversary of the Camp David Accords in 2018, as well as the 40th anniversary of the U.S.-Egypt Business Council in 2019, we are pleased to report that this engagement has only grown stronger as the years have progressed.

Beyond the major contributions to Egypt’s economy through jobs, investments, and knowledge transfer, American companies doing business in Egypt are making substantial impacts in the local communities where they operate through a variety of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and projects. For many U.S. companies, being good corporate citizens is far more than just a gratifying slogan—it is an intrinsic part of their business model and operations.

In Egypt, American companies are committed to addressing health, social, environmental and economic challenges as they strive to adapt to society’s evolving needs. The CSR projects being implemented by these companies and dozens of others illustrate the commitment American businesses have to the Egyptian people and their devotion to a better future for Egypt. They may be large, multinational corporations headquartered in cities thousands of miles away, but their work and actions are that of national businesses that care deeply about the communities they operate in and the people around them.

This report shows just a few examples of CSR projects currently taking place in Egypt. Download Report (PDF - 1.6 MB)